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The Qualitative Research Hub: Lurpak: Feeding the imagination

Lurpak: Feeding the imagination

Presented by Matt Allen, Folk Research

AQR Qualitative Excellence Award. To inspire you to prepare your submission for the 2021 Award we are delighted to introduce and hear from the winning entry of the 2020 Award.

2020’s deserving winner stood out for its creative, fun and engaging methodology, while building on a well thought-out hypothesis and long-term engagement with the client.

Matt Allen, Folk Research offers an insight into the challenges that Lurpak faced to keep its global award-winning advertising up to scratch. Keeping a campaign fresh gets progressively more difficult, and tectonic shifts in nutritional understanding had prompted a range of new food trends. So, in late 2018 Lurpak and its agency W+K needed to update their understanding of their consumer.