Yep, that's anyone bothering to read this. We need to use it, promote it and populate it with lively debate, forward looking articles and challenging thoughts.

For those yet to visit the site at, shame on you. My first visit, prompted by the request to review it, was a pleasant surprise. In the words of the ever-enthusiastic Roddy Glenn: "Hey! This is great! Dead clear and easy to navigate. The Directory is fab, too, with a graphic 'feel' to it that shares braincells with First Direct, Cahoot, Smile, et al ­ contemporary, transparent, easy... MRS eat your heart out. I'm with you guys."

I share Roddy's enthusiasm for the contemporary feel, highly functional layout and navigation of the new AQR site. It is professional, fast, uncluttered and simple to follow: a perfect shop window for the profession.

Anyone coming to the site without prior knowledge of the industry would leave better informed and clear about our offering and it's relevance to business.

Naturally, I headed straight for the forum notice board. The most significant contribution the web has delivered is its amazing ability to create and facilitate communities of every kind.

But in this regard, the site is almost virginal. Box fresh. A clear signal that we need to get in there and interact, debate, share and learn ­ we can even do it in our jim-jams now apparently.

So, no excuses. What was your experience of repeat attendance like last night? Are qualitative researchers the new rock 'n roll? Are we change agents or gatekeepers? Speak out.

This web site is a major step forward. No longer is the organ of the AQR solely a bi-monthly missive to your in tray, a 'members only' publication. With this new web site the AQR and all its members have a platform from which to reach a global business audience. To demonstrate what we always quietly knew was the case: That UK qualitative research is a global opinion leader.