But what makes the tool really stand out is that it gives you the ability to annotate photos and add sections of text throughout the ‘story’, which gives it another layer of depth. It also provides a superb visual editing interface and a crisp presentation style that makes it much more effective than other photo album options such as Facebook.

Researchers can offer users the chance to tell a story through the app. The combination of photos, video, annotations and sections of text make it a useful platform for getting closer to customers and building a rich picture of their lives. This picture captures what they do (through photo and video), plus the context of and the rationale behind those behaviours (through annotations and text).

To add extra finesse, users can take photos directly from within the app and pop them straight into the story. Applied to research, Storehouse allows us to collect in-the-moment insight, helping us get closer to understanding consumers’ real rather than claimed behaviour. Now that’s exciting and valuable isn’t it?