Combine group video calls from Google Hangout, with free group text and picture messaging from WhatsApp, and free international calls and messaging from Viber and you get ooVoo. With 65% of their users under 25, ooVoo has been heavily embraced by the younger generation.

Available in 130 countries, up to 12 people at a time can connect into a group on any device sending text, pictures, videos, and make free voice calls. ooVoo even has a record button, enabling you to screen record the group chat and re-watch later. Any other researchers thinking what I'm thinking?

Having tried it with a group of non-techy friends, the connection is good, and it's intuitive to use. Animated avatars allow callers to talk without needing to show their face, which could be useful for sensitive subjects.

Even more interesting, ooVoo has already introduced software that reads human emotions and pollsters are planning to use it in the 2016 US presidential election. Definitely one to watch.