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Using Tripit?

What? You're a qual researcher and you're not using Tripit?

Throw away the multiple bits of paper in fieldwork packs; forget the times when you’ve stood at a hotel reception looking for the booking reference on an email buried somewhere beneath the hundreds of more important messages; no longer live in fear of phoning a colleague for the sixth time today to ask where you’re supposed to be.

Tripit is the solution. Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered your email address (you can have multiple addresses linked to one account), all you have to do is forward all bookings to one email address, and the rest is done for you.

Tripit extracts all the necessary information from the email and builds your travel itinerary. You open the app and see when you’re travelling; what time you leave and arrive; the address you’re going to, the booking reference; when check in opens; and links to a map. You can also share your itinerary with other Tripit users, so colleagues and clients can see where you are.


Sarah Jenkins
Director, Magenta

This article was first published in InBrief magazine, April 2017
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