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Ever been out doing fieldwork and had to dial into an analysis session? I have. Mural is a collaboration tool you might consider using to help.

Think of it like a huge online flipchart that updates in real time. You can draw, use sticky notes, share links, images and videos. It allows you to work alone or together, even from a smartphone. Built-in templates like mood boards, customer journey maps and personas come in useful, too. If you are pressed for time you can ‘pre-create’ tasks, uploading relevant logos and visuals for mapping exercises. As you’d expect, you can press to export the information as you go and the information is securely hosted. You can also vote on outcomes.

We’ve found the ‘medium affects the message’ with this tool. The perception of space encourages you to cover much more content than a ‘real life’ flipchart. This month we’re trying it out with participants to see how it copes in a group workshop mapping exercise. Any technophobes needn’t worry, we’ll have the dead tree version to hand just in case.

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Simon Shaw
Director, Trinity McQueen

This article was first published in InBrief magazine, June 2018
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