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Call For Papers

We want The AQR's Big Day Out to provide an opportunity for anyone connected with our industry to share what has prompted you to stop and think recently, such as new methodologies, controversial approaches or unexpected outcomes. The theme of this year's conference is "Identity, Innovation and Ideology".


Has our identity and role in the research industry changed in recent times? What about the way we're identifying audiences and talking about consumers? Or more specifically, how is the criteria we're using for identifying the right research participants changing? What kind of information are we looking for them to share? What are they revealing about the modern consumer? Finally, in what ways have we seen our clients and the brands we work for change or evolve their identities? What role have we played in those changes as qual researchers? We're looking for you to share your thoughts on how we see ourselves, our clients and our participants in the modern world of qual.


Have you come across any new techniques or approaches recently? How is our industry evolving to remain relevant for tomorrow? How do you communicate the importance of qual to clients in an increasingly competitive research landscape? We want to hear about your innovations, and innovations you admire in the industry, or even those that are inspiring you from outside the sector.


What are the codes and structures being discussed and reformed by different societal groups? How do they merge and clash? What is your predication for the future of society, both UK and worldwide, and how can qual research help to anticipate and harness change? We want to hear your big ideas.

The format of the day

The emphasis of the day will be on sparking discussion and debate. We think this is what our industry does best.

In Brief: 10 minute slots

You might want to share your thoughts or ideas or simply get something off your chest. You will be allocated 10 minutes to present to the room within a 45 minute session of three talks. These talks will then go on to form the basis of at-table discussions for another 45 minutes, so we're looking for topics that inspire meaty debate and conversation. There will be six of these during the day.

In Depth: Key note speakers and big interactions

We have two slots of approximately 45 minutes each during the day and these need to involve the entire Big Day Out audience. You are encouraged to make the session interactive, although this interaction will need to take place at attendees' tables. Alternatively, you might have a talk that you’d like to present (30 minutes) followed by Q&A and discussion. In your application, please state which format you'd like to explore.

The hunt is on for brightest and best Young Disruptor

Calling all young researchers. If you've got less than 3 years' experience and want the opportunity to share your ideas in front of a friendly crowd, this is your moment. We'll shortlist three candidates who feel passionately about any aspect of qual, to present their thoughts for a chance to win this prestigious award. You'll be supported by an experienced qual researcher from outside your agency in preparing your 10 minute presentation and the audience will vote for the winner of this coveted award through an anonymous ballot. This is a brilliant opportunity to find your voice, and make sure that young quallies have the chance to really shine.

So, are you in?

We really want this event to be a fun and informal Big Day Out for all quallies, whether new to the industry or more experienced. Let's learn from each other, inspire each other, and share ideas to get us all excited about our work. If you're interested in being involved in the day, please download and complete the application form and email it back by 4pm on Monday 11 February 2019.

AQR Conference 2019 application form

Any other questions?

If you've got any questions then get in touch with Rose ( and ask away.