The first is Trello, a useful tool for managing group projects. Core to Trello are "boards", each representing a different stage of progress. On each board, you can add tasks, allocate them to team mates and discuss the job in hand. But the best thing about the board set-up is that is a great way to stay on top of the moving parts of a qual project, especially from afar. As team members move tasks from board to board, from "to-do" to "done", it’s easy to monitor progress and keep your team on track.


The second tool is Slack. Using Slack brings back fond memories of instant messaging programmes from years gone by. But the principle is similar. You create "channels" where team members come together to chat about work in real-time. Facilitating discussions in this way allows you to share knowledge, talk ideas through and make decisions at speed, without having to get everyone together in a meeting room.

Get collaborating

Tools like Trello and Slack are changing the face of work, and for us, opening up new ways to stay connected. Give them a go and get collaborating.