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Time to rethink new product testing

One of my pet peeves when it comes to new product testing is just how often we end up relying on mood boards or wordy feature lists to bring new ideas to life. How much can you really tell from a couple of mocked up pictures or a few sentences? And is this about to change?

Meet Wanna Kicks, the start-up that’s using AR to help you try on new shoes. Just select a style in the app, point your camera at your feet and check out your new kicks. Wanna Kicks is targeting online retailers, hoping its use of AR will encourage people to hit buy. But could the app inspire the way we approach testing new products? Imagine getting people to interact with AR models and seeing what they look like in their home, or on themselves!

While AR might be not be the answer for every new product we need to test, shouldn’t we be challenging ourselves to go further? From creating videos that bring different use cases to life to developing prototype apps that people can click around, there are new ways of giving consumers a better feel for a new product, ones that will result in better feedback. But to deliver on this, we need more diverse teams, and a new set of skills. It’s time to make this an (augmented) reality.


Emma Muckersie
This article was first published in InBrief magazine, April 2019
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