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How to nominate someone for the AQR Parker Prize

Candidates for the AQR Parker Prize for Emerging Talent must be nominated by one of their colleagues using the entry form on this site. This nomination should ideally be accompanied by a few words from the candidate themselves.

When preparing your nomination, do make sure you read what the judges are looking for and our winning tips in order to present your nomination in the best possible light.

Criteria for nominations

  • There is no fee to make a nomination
  • The person making the nomination must be an AQR member
  • The person nominating can have any job role within their business
  • A member can nominate only one candidate
  • A member cannot nominate themselves
  • The person being nominated does not need to be an AQR member
  • The person nominated must be aged 30 or under on 1st June 2024
  • The person nominated must only have up to 3 years' experience in the industry

Deadline for nominations

Make sure you return your completed entry form no later than midday on Thursday 11th April 2024. No entries will be accepted after this date.

What the judges are looking for

The Parker Prize has been set up in memory of Ken Parker, co-founder of The Discovery Group, previous AQR chair and all round research guru. Ken was a champion of every corner of our industry. The judges are very keen to meet young people from any part of our industry, working in field, viewing facilities, platform providers, transcription or translation agencies and researchers. As long as they are involved in our industry, they are in with a good chance.

The winner will be someone who.....

Has flair, spark and charisma: They'll be someone who develops instant rapport with anyone they come in contact with, whether that's colleagues, clients or research participants.

Goes above and beyond: They won't be content with just doing their day job but will naturally find ways to go the extra mile to get the job done, brilliantly.

Loves what they do: They'll be an advocate for working in this industry and keen to keep exploring each wonderful corner of it.

Winning Tips

We realise that this prize is designed for people who don't have decades of experience under their belt. We want your nomination to really bring them to life and help show the judges just what rising stars they are. The more personality you can pack into your nomination, the more you'll help them leap off the page at us.

We're not asking for lengthy submissions and in fact, we want to make it as easy for you as we can! We'll be just as excited and inspired to read about what makes them who they are than a bullet list of their achievements.

You can, if you want, include testimonials from colleagues, customers or clients if that helps.

In a change from previous years, we would love to hear from the nominated candidate too! We would strongly encourage you to get them involved, as it helps us get a fuller flavour of who they are. Please ask them to pen a few words about themselves, whether it's their passion for the industry, or their vision for the future. Or how they feel they’ve gone above and beyond to deliver work or impress a client. Or even how they might spend the prize fund if they win!

We do realise you might not want to tell the candidate you've nominated them, but we strongly recommend that you do and you give them the chance to speak for themselves. Whichever route you take please be reassured that we'll get in touch with you first to let you know if they've been shortlisted or not.

Don't miss the deadlines

Remember, you must return your completed entry form no later than mid-day on Thursday 11th April 2024.