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About Ken Parker

People like Ken don't come along that often, but when they do their positive influence on everything they undertake, and those they work with, is clear for all to see.

Ken was a great friend, boss, mentor and colleague to countless people in the industry and this Award will help his legacy continue.

Involvement in the industry

Ken and his wife Trish set up Discovery Research in 1995. Ken went on to help support the set-up of Criteria Fieldwork, develop the Spectrum viewing studio brand, and be intrinsically involved in the development of The Thinking Shed online qualitative platform.

The strategy man

Ken was a strategy man, a big thinker. He was storytelling the findings years before it was even a thing! Ken's approach was to try to improve all aspects of research, and everything that he and Trish were involved with had the same values of bravery, innovation and caring for staff and clients alike.

Ken's years at the AQR

Ken was Chair of the AQR from 2012 to 2015. In his three years in the post he displayed a particular skill of being infectiously enthusiastic and gleeful while simultaneously firm and direct. He was the energy in any room he was in.