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The AQR Qualitative Excellence Award 2018

Now in its 16th year, the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award is recognised as the UK's premium Qualitative Research Award.

The 2018 Winner

How we made people GIVE and Take
Crawford Hollingworth and Jake Greaves
The Behavioural Architects

This year's winner, "How we made people GIVE and Take" is about The Big Issue. This award recognises the enormous contribution that excellent qualitative research makes to marketing, strategy and societal issues. The Judges said: "This is an excellent example of how good Qualitative research can make such a positive impact in modern society".

Read the winning paper:
Stopping people giving and not taking

The Runners Up

Triggers to Mobile Internet in South Asia
Charlotte Smith and Lucia Bartlam

Examining socially undesirable behaviours through a new lens, Using Behavioural Science to reduce fare evasion on public transport
Crawford Hollingworth and Alice Hsieh
The Behavioural Architects

From revelation to revolution, how mapping the micro challenged a whole industry to think again
Sarah De Caux, Join the Dots
Chris Good, Auto Trader

Juding Panel 2018

We are most grateful for the time and support given by this year's Judging Panel who represent AURA, MRS, APG, ESOMAR, and AQR.

Simon Patterson
Chair of the Judging Panel
QRi Consulting
AQR Board

Richard Drury
Walgreens Boots Alliance
Vice Chair of AURA

Jane Frost CBE
CEO of the MRS

Lyn McGregor
Lyn McGregor Research
AQR Chair

Sarah Newman
Director of the APG

BV Pradeep
Vice President of ESOMAR

Louise Sharpe
Director of AURA

Peter Totman
Jigsaw Research
AQR Board

Sarah Whiddett
Chair of AURA