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Privacy Policy

The AQR is registered under the UK Data Protection Act, 1981 and has a policy of respecting the rights and privacy of visitors to this website. For the payment of a small fee, you may obtain a report detailing all the information that this organisation holds about you.

This site collects log information about the numbers of visitors, dates and times of visit, pages visited and so on for the purpose of understanding the effectiveness of the web site and for improving the quality of service. This information is amalgamated for analysis purposes. We do not track the surfing habits of individuals. We do not use cookies.

We ask for your name, address, telephone number and email for the purpose of fulfilling your order, sending you the confirmation emails, and for contacting you to resolve queries on your order form. We may also use this information later as a quality control check on our own service, e.g. to check you received goods as ordered etc. We will NOT use your contact details for unsolicited mailshots or telemarketing, and we will not pass your details on to third parties, list brokers etc.

We ask for your credit card billing address if the billing address is different from the address you have given us for correspondence, delivery of goods, etc. This is because the banks often ask us to confirm this address when we process the credit card transaction, as an additonal security check. This is the only use we make of the billing address. We never use this address for correspondence, delivery, or for sending further information, and we do not store this address on our files.

The AQR may share information with other organisations such as banks, credit card companies and the police for the purposes of security checks and combatting credit card fraud, provided those organisations also undertake to respect your privacy and to treat all such shared data as strictly confidential.