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Terms and Conditions

The prices we charge for online transactions are those shown on the website at the time you place the order, subject to availabilty. You have to be an AQR Member to qualify for the discounted member prices. For training courses and other events where a member discount is offered, you have to be a paid-up member at the time of the event to qualify for the discount.

All prices are shown in UK Pounds Sterling and all transactions are carried out in that currency. Where we show alternative prices, in US Dollars, Euros etc, these are intended to be guideline prices only based on recent currency rates.

Value-Added Tax

All of our prices are shown inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) calculated at the current UK rates. You do NOT have to add any extra for VAT. The AQR is VAT registered (VAT number 539 1275 35) and a receipt showing VAT you have paid will be sent to you with your order.

We are required by law to add VAT to our prices. UK businesses which are registered for VAT will be able to reclaim VAT on purchases from the Inland Revenue through normal accounting procedures. Businesses which are not registered for VAT, charities and private individuals cannot reclaim VAT. Overseas companies should be able to reclaim VAT from their local revenue service.