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AQR Membership Benefits

The list of membership benefits is constantly being added to but currently these range from offering early morning learning opportunities such as Breakfast Bites, to evening sessions (Spark), and full-day courses and conferences.

Core Skills Training

It is important to us that we create safe spaces for anyone new to the world of qual, to stretch their muscles and discover their own styles. Our unrivalled set of core training modules cover the basics in a uniquely "hands on" way.

Professional Development

We offer our more experienced members plenty of opportunities for continued professional development through the provision of forums, events, and training, such as Spark, Eyes Wide Open, and the bi-annual conference, all delivered by some of the best coaches the industry has to offer.

Breakfast Bites

With a focus on "doing", our Breakfast Bites series tends to home in on the core skills every great qualitative researcher needs. To catch you at your very best we tend to run these in the morning, and they are punchy, usually running for no more than two hours.


With a focus on "thinking", the Spark evening events usually last 2-3 hours. They showcase learning from the wider world of marketing and other adjacent disciplines and create conversation around the possible implications for, and integration of, qual.

AURA Conference

As an AQR member you are invited to submit the work and ideas you are proudest of to the annual AQR AURA conference. This is your exclusive opportunity to get in front of, and interact with, over 90 clients in London and over 40 in the North.

AQR's Directory

AQR's Directory is the key resource for people searching for qualitative services suppliers. As a member you will be eligible for a company Business Directory entry (at an additional cost). Such entries frequently show in prime positions on Google search.


Now in its 15th year, the AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award is recognised as the UK's premium award for Qualitative Research. Winners are highlighted in the A to Z of members and on their Business Directory entries.

Bi-annual Conference

Every other year we host a conference in the UK to showcase the best of qualitative research. This is an opportunity to share some of the great work you've been doing, or to come and hear from others and be inspired. We also ensure there's time for networking and social drinks afterwards.


Exclusive to members, we provide the bi-monthly magazine, In Brief, and the twice yearly magazine, In Depth. Our publications encourage contributors from across the industry and beyond to share knowledge and information that will impact on members' work, life, and future training and development.

Networking Events

Making and sustaining connections across the business can be a challenge but exclusive events like our "Not The Christmas Party" and the Summer event held after our AGM offer unrivalled opportunities for members to wine and graze at top notch venues while greeting old friends and making new ones.

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open events are designed to help us all keep on delivering ground breaking and game changing insights and advice for our clients. We tend to run one of these per calendar year, in the evenings, so there is plenty of time for discussion and drinks after the main event.

Live Talks

In line with our commitment to look outwards and make broader connections, AQR Live Talks are conversations with a topical slant, showcasing and debating implications for our industry while providing our members with opportunities to probe further and reflect on what it all means for them.

Young Disruptors

Through events that are social, collaborative and interactive, Young Disruptors connects "young" researchers in the industry. Events are designed to be fun and to facilitate connections, informally. No sterile networking here.

The AQR offers individual membership, group membership, an affiliate scheme, and a special class of alumni membership for retired researchers. Members are entitled to use the AQR Member logo and subscription fees qualify for tax relief. If you would like more information on the activities of the AQR and the benefits of membership, please contact us and request a membership information pack.

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