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Finding time

We all know that we should be at the airport in good time. But, as frequent travellers, we like to push our luck. What's the point in getting there three hours before if we can leave it to the last minute?


Leaving it ‘til the last minute, though, means we haven’t got time to stop and eat a hot meal. AirGrub is changing all that. Users enter their flight information into the app, which shows available eateries in their terminal. Users order and pay through the app, and their food is warm and waiting for them when they reach the restaurant. Bon appétit.


Staying focused with debriefs to write is often difficult; distractions are everywhere. AppBlock allows users selectively to block notifications from apps on their device, as well as blocking launching them in the first place, meaning they can get on with keeping the client happy.

Someone just needs to invent a ColleagueBlock next, to ensure perfect peace and quiet when in ‘deep in work’ mode.


Darren Till
Research Consultant, Discovery

This article was first published in InBrief magazine, February 2016
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