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Type of business
Field Agency (4)
Freelance Qualitative Research Consultant (2)
Market Research Agency (2)
Qualitative Research Agency (2)
Recruitment Agency (1)
Viewing Facility (7)

Specialist experience of a Business Sector
Automotive (1)
Charities, Voluntary and Non-Profit Organisations (1)
Drinks (2)
Education and Training (1)
Electrical Goods (1)
FMCG (1)
Fashion, Clothing and Style (1)
Food (1)
Government and Local Authority (1)
Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical (1)
Retail and Shopping (1)

Companies offering recruitment services with specialisation in
Business Audiences (1)
Older Generation (1)
Younger Generation (1)

Located in
UK (16)
Spain (1)
United Kingdom (1)