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AQR Membership Logo

All membership of the AQR is on an individual basis, not corporate.

Conditions of usage

This AQR logo may be used by qualifying members for marketing in both printed and electronic formats. Companies which have employees who are qualifying members of the AQR may use this logo on their web site or in corporate brochures on condition that it is made clear in the accompanying narrative that they have employees who are individual members of AQR and not that the company itself is a member of AQR.

Copyright Permissions

The logo is Copyright © AQR, 2006. Usage is limited to the conditions set out above. All other usage of this logo is strictly forbidden. Modifications of the design, lettering or colour scheme are not permitted. If you have any questions at all concerning appropriate usage of the logo, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download and save the version you wish to use

Linking to the AQR website

If you use the logo on your own website, we strongly encourage you to link the image back to the AQR website. The target of your link should be:

Please link only to the above domain name and do not specify a page name. This will ensure your link continues to work properly even if we rename pages on our site