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Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is a way to find out more about what the Qualitative industry has to offer. This membership class is targeted at students and interns.

Affiliate Membership gives you the chance to build a network of contacts, and have access to valuable resources as you embark on your Qualitative career without needing to commit to a full AQR membership.

Affiliate membership includes

  • Subscription to In Brief magazine (six issues per year)
  • Entry to New Researchers' events for those with 0-7 years experience
  • Not the Christmas Party (discounted rate for members)
  • Summer social event/AGM
  • Spark evening sessions (discounted rate for members)
  • Nights out in the company of the Young Unfocused Group

Eligibility for Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is aimed at those who are new to the Qualitative industry or who are keen to understand whether a career in qual is for them. It is available to those who:

  • Are aged 25 or under
  • Are not employed as a research professional (either agency or client-side)
  • Are paying their membership fees personally (i.e. not paid by a company)

Affiliate membership is designed to act as a "taster" for what AQR has to offer, and is not a long-term membership option. To allow members to spread the cost, it is available in six-monthly blocks, and for a maximum of 12 months. After 12 months, members will be offered the renewal rate to become full members.

Cost of Affiliate Membership

30 per 6 months (inclusive of VAT)

How to apply

Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis by AQR Secretariat. Please contact the AQR for more information and an application form.

Rose Molloy
Secretary to the Board
The Association for Qualitative Research
Davey House,
31 St Neots Road,
Eaton Ford,
St Neots, Cambs,
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01480 407227