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Group Membership

Companies that employ five or more people who would benefit from AQR membership should consider the AQR Group Membership Scheme.

Benefits of Group Membership

You receive a discount on the cost of individual memberships and the company receives a certificate of Group Membership. Each named member within your group receives full AQR Membership benefits, including discounts on courses and events, invites to special events such as the Hub Webinars, listing in the member's A-Z along with an individual profile page, and copies of the AQR magazine, In Brief.

Benefits of AQR Membership

Cost of Group Membership

AQR Group Membership is available in several bands ranging from up to five members, to 20 or more members. The larger the group, the greater the discount you receive on memberships.

Up to 5 members
540 + VAT

6-10 Members
900 + VAT

11-15 members
1300 + VAT

16-20 members
1700 + VAT

Group Membership runs for 12 months from the date of joining and is based on named members.

Subsidiary companies

If your company owns other subsidiaries such as a viewing facility, the employees of the subsidiary can be included in your group membership, even where there is a different company name or address.

Changes of staff

If one of your named members leaves the company, you can transfer the AQR membership to another employee. Upon annual renewal of your Group Membership, you can review your list of members and any or all of the named individual members can be changed.

Existing memberships

You may already have employees who hold individual membership of the AQR and who you would like to include in the Group Membership Scheme. If you join the Group Membership Scheme, we will take into account the remaining months on those individual memberships and give you a reduction on your first year of group membership.

How to apply for Group Membership

Download the Main Application Form and Named Member Form, (MS Word files), complete them, and send them back to us.

On receipt of the completed forms, we will take into account any current memberships, adjust the cost accordingly, advise you of the final cost, and then invoice for the Group Membership. Once paid we would give all the named individuals AQR membership and send a certificate for Group Membership to the company.

More information

For more information about Group Membership or any other aspect of AQR memberships, please contact the AQR Secretariat.

Rose Molloy
Secretary to the Board
The Association for Qualitative Research
Davey House,
31 St Neots Road,
Eaton Ford,
St Neots, Cambs,
PE19 7BA

01480 407227