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Roddy Glen, Roddy Glen Associates, UK (Qual Research)

Roddy Glen

Roddy Glen Associates
United Kingdom

An ex ad-person, qualitative research company founder, political activist, freelance quallie, teacher and mentor, Roddy was lucky enough to be in many of the right places at the right times. In addition to having done 'thousands of groups' over 35 years, he has written, spoken, chaired, taught, debated and reviewed a lot of stuff about qualitative research and is currently managing editor of 'In Brief'

AQR Membership

Roddy has been a Member of the AQR since 09/1998.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1973 Advertising executive at CDP, on Heineken and Coty.
  • 1977 Moved to market research to work for Bill Schlackman
  • 1979 To adland again: BMP, as qualitative research manager
  • 1985 Co-founded Strategic Research Group Ltd
  • 1985 -1992 Member, Labour Party Shadow Comms Agency
  • 1987 -1989 AQRP (now AQR) Chair
  • 1997 Tony Blair's Office, successful General Election campaign
  • 2004 Fellow of the Market Research Society
  • 2006 Industry judge IPA UK Advertising Effectiveness awards
  • 2008 Honorary Fellow of the IPA
  • 2010 Co-chaired AQR/QRCA World Qualitative Conference, Prague

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