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Gemma Baldwin, Relish Research, UK (Qual Research)

Gemma Baldwin

Insight Director
Relish Research
United Kingdom

Gemma Baldwin has worked in qual research for over 13 years and is an Insight Director at Relish Research, a full service agency with offices in London and Leeds. With a background in mental health and psychology, Gemma has a keen interest in human behaviour. Having been elected to the AQR board in 2019, Gemma is now Vice Chair.

AQR Membership

Gemma has been a Member of the AQR since September 2015.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2006 Graduated University of Lincoln with a degree in Psychology
  • 2009 Began qual career at Swift Research
  • 2009 -2015 Team leader through to Project Co-ordinator and Res. Exec
  • 2015 Joined Relish Research
  • 2015 -2020 Promoted from Senior Res Exec to Insight Director
  • 2019 Elected to AQR Board
  • 2022 Served on AQR Skills comm. hosting & running courses & sessions
  • 2022 Elected as AQR Vice Chair