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Amy Middleton, BEAM Fieldwork, UK (Qual Research)

Amy Middleton

Company Director
BEAM Fieldwork
United Kingdom

Amy has been working in market research since 1999, during this period most of her experience has been in fieldwork. Amy is a member of the BIG Committee and manages the organisation of various forums around the UK, these forums bring researchers together to help drive the industry forward. More recently Amy has set up BEAM Fieldwork and specialises in offering fieldwork across the UK.

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AQR Membership

Amy has been a Member of the AQR since February 2008.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2004 Graduated from UCLAN with a BA Hons Degree in Marketing
  • 2006 Joined Acumen as a Fieldwork Manager
  • 2007 Completed ‘Basic Moderating Skills’ training course
  • 2010 Completed MRS Advanced Certificate
  • 2011 Took part in ‘Inspire’ Personal Development program
  • 2012 Became a Full member of MRS
  • 2014 Elected to become Committee member of BIG
  • 2016 Launched independently as BEAM Fieldwork