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Grania O'Brien, Vivid Research and Planning, UK (Qual Research)

Grania O'Brien

Research Manager
Vivid Research and Planning
United Kingdom

Grania is a qualitative specialist at Verve. Prior to this she has worked at Ipsos, GfK and Truth. She is fascinated by consumer behaviour and is always keen to understand how the latest developments impact on the way we live our lives.

Guest Member

Grania O'Brien is a not a member of the AQR, but is a Guest Member of the website and may have contributed articles to AQR publications.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2018 Attended AQR Behavioural Economics Researcher Perspective
  • 2018 Attended AQR Behavioural Economics Client Perspective
  • 2018 Tutored on AQR’s Online Moderating Skills Course

Articles published by the AQR