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Janet Standen, Scoot Insights LLC, USA (Qual Research)

Janet Standen

Scoot Insights LLC

A Brit, based in San Francisco for 25 years as a qualitative researcher, with a background in brand strategy & innovation. Scoot Insights is a two person company with broad US reach/partners. Janet loves to partner with UK-based companies to provide US-based qualitative help.

AQR Membership

Janet has been a Member of the AQR since April 2024.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1985 Innovation Manager for Nestle Internationally
  • 1988 Marketing Director in Brand Identity
  • 1989 Started New Solutions for strategy & innovation, in London
  • 2000 Moved to San Francisco (for love.)
  • 2007 Strategy & Insights in Food Innovation in SF
  • 2009 Ran Wharf Research a Qual Food Lab in SF
  • 2012 Provided fast turnaround, live-recruit qual in San Francisco
  • 2015 Co-Founded Scoot Insights providing Qual to US-based co's
  • 2016 Board Director for QRCA for 4 years (US version of AQR)
  • 2020 Co-Founded MRxPros, an informal MR gathering