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Liz Sykes, The Good Neighbour Scheme, UK (Qual Research)

Liz Sykes

The Good Neighbour Scheme
United Kingdom

Liz Sykes, has been one of the leading figures in UK qualitative recruitment, is Director, Treasurer and Company Secretary for the AQR and was chairperson of the VFA (UK) for many years. She was awarded Fellowship of MRS in 2022. Liz was 'in the business' for over 25 years joining Field Initiatives in 1996 from Strategic Research Group where she was Field Director. She has served on the AQR Board since 1991 covering all activities undertaken by the sub committees.

AQR Membership

Liz has been a Member of the AQR since 09/1991. Liz is the Treasurer of the AQR Management Board.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1991 Elected to the AQR Management Committee
  • 2007 Appointed Treasurer and Hon Sec of the AQR Management Board
  • 2016 Continues as Treasurer and Hon Sec
  • 2022 Awarded FMRS

Articles published by the AQR