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Carol Raithatha, Carol Raithatha Ltd, UK (Qual Research)

Carol Raithatha

Carol Raithatha Ltd
United Kingdom

Carol Raithatha is a sensory, consumer, and fmcg researcher. Carol works on R&D, NPD, marketing and quality type projects for manufacturers and research organisations and agencies. Her professional focus is on food and drinks, although she gets involved in projects in a broad range of sectors. Other areas of specialisation are B2B and expert research, and coaching and mentoring for research professionals. Carol values the insight that qualitative research can bring to initiatives.

AQR Membership

Carol has been a Member of the AQR since October 2007.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1985 BS Food Science, University of California
  • 1988 MS Applied Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 1997 Certificate in Market Research, De Montfort University
  • 2001 MBA, Open University
  • 2002 Full Membership of the Chartered Management Institute
  • 2003 Founded Carol Raithatha Limited
  • 2005 Full Membership of Institute of Consulting
  • 2006 Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology
  • 2011 Full Membership of the MRS
  • 2014 Chartered Scientist/Registered Professional Sensory Scientist

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