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Ella Fryer-Smith, Do You Research, UK (Qual Research)

Ella Fryer-Smith

Qualitative Research Consultant
Do You Research
United Kingdom

After many years working within a research agency, Ella now operates as an independent consultant. In this capacity she works directly with end clients, and within or on behalf of agencies to deliver stand-out research and deliverables. For some, this means consulting to enhance ethnographic and visual research approaches and deliverables on projects. For others, it involves delivering high quality, more traditional qualitative fieldwork & thinking. Throughout, she strives to spearhead change, believing that there is always a better way to approach research and constantly looking for new ways of thinking in order to move things forward with regards to methods and the research industry as a whole.

AQR Membership

Ella has been a Member of the AQR since August 2020. Ella is the Vice Chair of the AQR Management Board with special responsibilities for Thought Leadership Hub.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2021 Elected to the AQR Board
  • 2023 Appointed AQR Vice Chair

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