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Lailah Choudry, Kantar, UK (Qual Research)

Lailah Choudry

Consultant in Creative Strategy
United Kingdom

Lailah is a cultural insight expert with a special love for language. She has an MA in Applied Linguistics, and aims to bring the value of a sociolinguistic lens to her research. Lailah was trained as a graduate at cultural insight agency Sign Salad, who championed her growth in learning the workings of culture and the implications for brands. She now works as a Consultant in Creative Strategy at Kantar, combining her linguistic and semiotic cultural experience with qualitative methodologies.

Guest Member

Lailah Choudry is a not a member of the AQR, but is a Guest Member of the website and may have contributed articles to AQR publications.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2021 Joint Winner of the AQR Parker Prize for Emerging Talent

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