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AQR: Anne-Sophie Damelincourt, Founder & Owner, Blue Lemon Qualitative Research & Consulting, France

Anne-Sophie Damelincourt

Founder & Owner
Blue Lemon Qualitative Research & Consulting

Anne-Sophie is the Founder & Owner of Blue Lemon, a boutique agency operating worldwide. She is passionate about human stories and cultures, working helping brands create value and strong connections with their customers. Re-elected as Esomar Council Member (2016-2017), Anne-Sophie is proud to keep serving our Insights & Analytics industry.

AQR Membership

Anne-Sophie has been a Member of the AQR since January 2014.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1996 Graduated from ESSCA Business School with a degree in Marketing
  • 2007 Founded Blue Lemon Qualitative Research & Consulting
  • 2008 Esomar membership (active member since 2008)
  • 2009 The Network Thinking membership (independent MR network)
  • 2010 QRCA membership
  • 2014 AQR membership
  • 2014 NMSBA (Neuromarketing Science & Business Association) membership
  • 2014 Moderated UDA (client organisation) workshop
  • 2014 attended online Qualitative Vision Day September
  • 2014 Candidate for Esomar Council September

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