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AQR: Foster Winter, Managing Director, Sigma Research Management Group, USA

Foster Winter

Managing Director
Sigma Research Management Group

In addition to his responsibilities as Owner and Managing Director of Sigma, Foster Winter has conducted over 3000 focus groups, strategic planning sessions and online qualitative events. Foster's marketing research and planning background spans over 30 years and has crossed a breadth of business categories, including automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, computer, consumer packaged goods, retail, advertising and non-profits.

AQR Membership

Foster has been a Member of the AQR since May 2014.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1982 Founded Sigma Research Management Group
  • 1998 Became founding member of QRCA Online Qual Research Task Force
  • 2005 Presented Expert Panels & E-diaries AQR/QRCA Conference Dublin
  • 2008 Elected to the QRCA Board of Directors
  • 2011 Re-elected to the QRCA Board as Treasurer
  • 2012 Founding Member of the Mobile Marketing Research Assoc (MMRA)
  • 2012 Presented Design Thinking Meets Qual Analysis AQR/QRCA Rome Conf
  • 2014 Co-chaired AQR/QRCA Worldwide Qualitative Conference, Budapest