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Silvia Artinano, ARPO, Spain (Qual Research)

Silvia Artinano


Silvia graduated in 1986 from Saint Louis University, Missouri, in Business Administration. Then worked for two years as a product manager in Unilever, Madrid for personal care products (Rexona and Timotei). In 1990 she joined Arpo as a researcher where she has been since then. Here, as a company partner, she undertakes qual and quant projects in the consumer, b-to-b and pharmaceutical areas.

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AQR Membership

Silvia has been a Member of the AQR since 09/1998.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1986 Graduated from Saint Louis University, Missouri with a BA degree
  • 1986 Aedemo Mkt Research Master, Spanish Asoc. of Market Researchers
  • 2006 Coaching certificate, EEC (Escuela Europea de Coaching)
  • 2010 NLP Certificate with R. Dilts & J. DeLozier, Uni Santa Cruz CA
  • 2010 NLP Course with Richard Bandler, Barcelona