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Trish Stuart Parker, UK (Qual Research)

Trish Stuart Parker

Alumni Member
United Kingdom

Trish started her professional life in HR and currently holds the CIPD recognition. Having worked for FTSE 100 companies, she started her own training company to fit her new life of working mother. In 1990 Trish was at a party where she met a senior qually, was unwittingly 'assessed' for personality(!), and invited for an interview two days later. By the end of the week, her new life began. In 1995, Trish co-founded Discovery Research. After many years in qualitative research she has developed a diverse business model, including Discovery, Spectrum Viewing Facilities in London and Leeds, and The Thinking Shed an online qualitative platform. She is an avid skier and Club Captain at her Tennis Club. An AQR Ambassador she has been actively involved in helping setting up the AQR Mentoring Service and the Universities Roadshow.

AQR Membership

Trish has been a Member of the AQR since 09/1998.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1995 Co-founded Discovery Research
  • 1996 Co-founded Criteria Fieldwork (shareholding sold in 2006)
  • 1997 Co-founded Spectrum Viewing Facilities
  • 1997 Joint Winner of Best Presented Paper MRS Conference
  • 2007 Runner Up Prosper Riley Smith Effectiveness Award
  • 2009 Co-founded The Thinking Shed
  • 2012 Developed & now Co-ordinator of MRS/AQR Universities Roadshow
  • 2015 Presented at AQR Conference: Being Human

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