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Katie Slater, Acacia Avenue, UK (Qual Research)

Katie Slater

Research Director
Acacia Avenue
United Kingdom

Katie started her research career at Acacia Avenue as a graduate of Durham University in 2006. Since then she has worked across a wide range of sectors and markets, with a particular focus on communications research and the orchestration of complex multi-country studies. She is a firm advocate of online research and a strong believer in the power of combining qual and quant techniques to deliver insightful and actionable research.

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AQR Membership

Katie has been a Member of the AQR since October 2006.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2006 Joined the AQR and MRS
  • 2007 Completed the AQR Residential Foundation Course
  • 2009 Completed the AQR Moderation course
  • 2009 Speaker at the AQR Pecha Kucha event
  • 2010 Winner of the Research Liberation Front Recruitment Challenge
  • 2011 Speaker at the AQR Q Festival
  • 2011 Completed the AQR Analysis course
  • 2012 Took part in the AQR ‘Young Guns’ event
  • 2014 Completed the MRS Presentation Delivery Skills course
  • 2015 Presented at AQR Conference: Being Human
  • 2016 Elected to the AQR Management Board
  • 2016 Convened AQR Moderating Skills - Sweating the small stuff
  • 2018 Tutored on AQR’s Analysis and Interpretation Skills Course