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Eva Balzer, Eva Balzer Qualitative Market Research, Germany (Qual Research)

Eva Balzer

Freelance Researcher
Eva Balzer Qualitative Market Research

Eva considers herself very lucky to have come across qualitative market research in 2002. It has been her passion ever since and she is truly devoted to every project. She is an experienced moderator and due to her highly analytical approach she writes valuable reports which deliver relevant findings, identify trends and give marketing-oriented recommendations. In her past 12 years as freelancer she gained a broad knowledge in different areas and with diverse target groups.

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AQR Membership

Eva has been a Member of the AQR since October 2004.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1996 Degree in English linguistics and political sciences
  • 2005 Founder AKQUA German Association for Qualitative Market Research
  • 2007 Co-editor “Qualitative Research in Theory and Practice”
  • 2011 Revised Second Edition of the handbook