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Bob Cook, Firefish, UK (Qual Research)

Bob Cook

Board Director
United Kingdom

Bob joined in April 2000 soon after Firefish's birth having worked at 2cv prior to this. Bob has over 4 years experience of diverse qualitative experience behind him that has taken him from Croydon to Tokyo with a few viewing facilities dotted along the way. His initial career was in psychiatry (treating rather than being treated) which provides him with the skills required to uncover what people really mean when working for clients such as Radio 1, GlaxoSmithKline, Reebok and The Guardian. He also provides emergency cover during stressful times at Firefish HQ, and still finds time to DJ at painfully trendy clubs and parties. He is a qualified medical doctor you know.

AQR Membership

Bob has been a Member of the AQR since November 2003.

AQR Qualitative Excellence Award

Bob is a winner of the AQR Qualitative Excellence Award, the industry's leading award for qualitative research and a highly regarded badge of excellence.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2015 Shortlisted AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award

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