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Tamsin Spencer, Acacia Avenue, UK (Qual Research)

Tamsin Spencer

Associate Director
Acacia Avenue
United Kingdom

Tamsin joined Acacia Avenue in 2015. Her fascination with human behaviour, attitudes and choices greatly impacted on her interests and, subsequently, career choices. Tamsin's ambitious to learn more about how her academic background can be commercially applied in order to deepen Acacia Avenue's collective understanding of research theory and practice.

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AQR Membership

Tamsin has been a Member of the AQR since December 2015.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2016 Attended AQR's first Breakfast Bites
  • 2016 Completed AQR two day May Moderating Skills Workshop
  • 2016 Completed AQR Unlocking the Secrets of Storytelling Course
  • 2016 Attended AQR Breakfast Bites Infographics
  • 2016 -2018 Attended AQR's Eyes Wide Open event

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