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AQR: Ken Parker, Alumni Member, UK

Ken Parker

Alumni Member
United Kingdom

Ken has been a researcher for nearly 40 years and is a Fellow of the MRS. For fourteen years he lectured at the prestigious MRS Summer School on "How to Present Insight", is a regular speaker on the research circuit and has chaired sessions for ESOMAR on sponsorship, and on product placement. He is a passionate skier, a former President of Enfield Cricket Club, has a season ticket at Spurs, and still graces the odd football pitch.

AQR Membership

Ken has been a Member of the AQR since September 2007.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2011 Elected to AQR Committee
  • 2012 Elected as Chair
  • 2013 Re-elected onto Committee and as Chair
  • 2015 Attended AQR's Swagger Course
  • 2015 Session Chair at AQR Conference: Being Human

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