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AQR: Abi Fuller, Acumen Fieldwork, UK

Abi Fuller

Managing Director
Acumen Fieldwork
United Kingdom

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AQR Membership

Abi has been a Member of the AQR since October 2005.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2002 Graduated Liverpool University History 2:1
  • 2005 Founding member of Acumen Fieldwork
  • 2007 AQR Basic Moderating Skills training course
  • 2007 Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research
  • 2008 Understanding Theory and methods of Statistics Course Practice
  • 2010 Advanced Client Relationship Management Course
  • 2011 Took part in Inspire Personal Development program
  • 2012 Full MRS member
  • 2015 Presented at AQR Conference: Being Human
  • 2016 Became MD of the Fuller Research Group (2016)

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