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Simon Patterson, QRi Consulting, UK (Qual Research)

Simon Patterson

Founder & CEO
QRi Consulting
United Kingdom

Simon is a Strategic Qualitative Researcher with a proven track record of 30 years experience; understanding what makes consumers tick, the influence of the socio-cultural context, and translating these insights into actionable recommendations. He moderates ECGs, Focus Groups and IDIs in the UK and North America, and conducts projects around the world. He is also a keen Ethnographer. Formerly MD at CRAM International and a Director of online sister agency QiQ International. Simon trained under Peter Cooper (Founder of CRAM), is a Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the MRS. He is a Board Member of the AQR (Former Chair), and Trustee of the AMSR. He has written papers and presented at conferences on Country & Destination Branding, The Psychology of Branding and Communication, and the psychological origins of Qualitative Research; and has been a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Manufacturing (IfM) at Cambridge University since 2010. Above all, he is a hands-on Qualitative Researcher with a love of Brands, Culture, and People, and a particular fascination with Country & Destination Branding.

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AQR Membership

Simon has been a Member of the AQR since 03/1987. Simon serves on the AQR Management Board with special responsibilities for Community and Connections Hub.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2010 Organising Committee, AQR Q Fest
  • 2011 Elected to the AQR Board
  • 2012 IJMR, Peter Cooper's Influence on Qualitative Research
  • 2012 ESOMAR, The Psychology of Internet Security
  • 2012 -2016 Chair AQR Prosper Riley Smith Qualitative Excellence Award
  • 2014 Co-Chair AQR/QRCA Conference, Budapest
  • 2014 MRS: Creating the Future of Country Branding
  • 2015 IJMR, Bill Schlackman's Influence on Qualitative Research
  • 2015 Session Chair at AQR Conference: Being Human
  • 2015 Became Chair of the AQR Board
  • 2016 QRCA Conference Paper:" The Vienna School"
  • 2016 Attended AQR's Eyes Wide Open event
  • 2018 Completed AQR's Online Moderating Skills Course

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