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Greig Burnside, Green Light Research Ltd, UK (Qual Research)

Greig Burnside

Research Director
Green Light Research Ltd
United Kingdom

Greig has been with Green Light for just over five years where he is Associate Director. His career at the company has taken him all around the world, learning about the Japanese trainer market and German attitudes towards DIY to give just two examples.

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AQR Membership

Greig has been a Member of the AQR since June 2003.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2006 -2007 Tutored on AQR’s Foundation Course
  • 2011 -2012 Tutored on AQR’s May Moderating Skills Workshop
  • 2014 -2016 Tutored on AQR’s May Moderating Skills Workshop
  • 2018 -2019 Tutored on AQR’s two day May Moderating Skills Worksh

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