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In Brief July 2016

Vienna in the Spring
So what's new in qual? The QRCA Worldwide Conference highlighted living in the moment, semiotics for everyone and client involvement.
Experience of universality
Nicky Forsythe explored the strong links between qual and psychotherapy at the April Spark when she looked at how to apply 'empathetic listening' to our work.
Visualising running barriers
The successful Breakfast Bites series this time focused on creating infographics. The first message: try staying away from PowerPoint and get creative on paper.
The curious storyteller
From mod skills to analysis and storytelling, over two Thursdays and Fridays attendees learnt how to moderate, process knowledge and turn it into a compelling debrief.
More than The Apprentice
Each year the research industry hires thousands of recruits, the vast majority graduates. Here, trainee researcher James Davis talks about why he has chosen an alternative route.
The future of print
ABC figures make worrying reading for the stalwarts who still print newspapers, but there are measures they could and should be taking to fight on.
Good old days of Flip Cam
Technology, it's wonderful isn't it? It allows us to do so much we couldn't do previously. I mean, can you imagine what your life was like before a smartphone? Remember when you had to carry a map, or be somewhere on time.
Tech times two for the summer
As the summer draws ever closer and people start to jet abroad on their travels, we take a look at two great pieces of technology that could help us when conducting qualitative research internationally.