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In Brief September 2016

Edging closer to professionalisation
Watch out for a possible professional qualification in qualitative research in 2017, following the publication of a comprehensive draft guide to its inception.
Ideas that make a difference
Lindsay Bell and colleagues trekked off to the recent Spark on creativity with little idea of what awaited them. Would the 'No Wrong Answers' quiz challenge their thinking?
Planners are a Smash hit
Reading 98% Pure Potato, Paul Arscott is reminded of how planning has evolved over the years and the vital contribution that qualitative research has made to the creative process.
Places that Spark Emotions
There's no reason why qualitative researchers need to work in spaces dictated by convenience, cost or functionality, so why not take a walk on the wild side?
Future research needs
Viewing studios are here, they're there, but they're not necessarily everywhere when you need one outside of London. So what does the future hold for the current crop?
Finger on the pulse
Gill Thomas reckons we should learn from Brexit and get market research out of the political doghouse. And who are better placed to help than qualitative researchers?
Instagram impacts on Gen X
Who do you look up to? Increasingly, says Anniki Sommerville, the world of social media is shaping the way we interact with brands and products.
Pokemon catalyst
Unless you've been living under a rock with a Charmander for the past few weeks, you'll have heard about Pokemon Go, the new smartphone game taking the world by storm. With over 50 million downloads on Android devices alone, this is big.
1 Second Everyday
If, like me, you struggle to remember what you did last month, let alone last year, you'll fall in love with my new favourite app: 1 Second Everyday.